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French Cooking Classes at your own place with Patrick from
French Haven Pâtisseries and Herbs

Prepare an Elegant and Delicious
Lunch or Dinner
For Easter at your own place!!!


Perfect gift for Birthday or any Occasion
Call  0457 925 025 and Book Early

Petits Fours at frenchhaven Patisserie & Herbs at Kewarra BeachPetits Fours at frenchhaven Patisserie & Herbs at Kewarra Beach

Check for the menu-programmes on the Cakes List
Classes are for 4 persons minimum to 8 persons maximum

Cost $80 per person
to learn, taste, we drink (but in moderation only) and we sing of course
but also you enjoy what we prepared together
as well as little French gifts to keep
At French Haven, we make sure that every one has a great time.

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The French Paradox

Amazingly, French People love their sweets and consume more saturated fat
than most Nations like America and Australia

But They are Slimmer Because...

they do not nibble BETWEEN Meals...
they prepare BALANCED Meals...
they eat TOGETHER at the TABLE...
they choose SMALL portions...
they enjoy Sweets ONLY at the end of BALANCED meals...
they indulge in FRENCH PÂTISSERIES
because they generally contain LESS sugar

So Learn how to Prepare at your own place
Beautiful French Pâtisseries
with Patrick from French Haven Pâtisseries & Herbs
in Kewarra Beach

You will certainly enjoy Patrick's Cooking Classes
and it is Covid safe as we only offer small classes
We also talk about Strick Hygiene during food preparation and storage
So come and chat with us

You can also send us a message

Or simply call us

0457 925 025